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About Me

My name is Ainsley Hutton and I'm a 2008 graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BA in Experimental Animation.

My interests in art lay in animation, comics and video games. I work and experiment frequently with digital media. Programs I'm familiar with include Adobe CS2 Photoshop, Premier, AfterEffects, Flash, 3D Studio Max 8, and Corel Painter.

Physical media I work primarily in pen & ink and dry media, and occasionally dabble in watercolours and oils.

Barberry Village

The Secrets of Barberry Village a puzzle/adventure game focused on exploration & using your gray matter, much in the tradition of Myst or Zork. No combat is involved. Instead you must focus on having Rosemary interact with her environment to open new paths & find out what happened to the villagers.
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